fs_label_pull_3Label Pull, Clean Up And Resewing: Original blank label pull and clean up for custom woven label sewing or custom size label printing.

$0.22 per piece

Relabel Over The Tape: Custom woven or care label sewing over the seam with or without joker

$0.33 per piece (72 Pieces Minimum)


4 Side Label Sewing: Custom woven or care label sewing on 4 sides of the label.

$1.24 per piece (72 Pieces Minimum)
Relabel Under The Tape: Custom woven or care label sewing under the seam with or without joker.

$0.38 per piece (72 Pieces Minimum)


Hang Tag Placement: Customer supplied bar coded hang tags or other tagging…

$0.16 per piece

Joker Or Care Label: We can provide custom jokers or care labels to add to your custom sewn woven label.

$0.13 per piece (72 Pieces Minimum)


Patch Sewing: We can sew patches on hats, beanies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts, bags, etc.

$1.24 (72 Pieces Minimum)
Zig Zag Sewing: For labels on fleece, blankets, etc.

$2.07 per piece (72 Pieces Minimum)


Folding: Folding of the garment and grouping in sizes…

$0.25 shirts, $0.32 fleece 

Bagging: Folded garment placement inside a polybag…

$0.23 shirts, $0.33 fleece 


Sticker Placement: We can provide description or size sticker labels.

$0.09 Size, $0.20 Custom 

Stationary Placement: Customer supplied flyers, coupons, post cards, stickers, etc. placement inside the bag

$0.07 per piece


Special Packing: Items can be organized and packed as requested by the customer.

$5.00 per box 

Custom Shipping And Delivery: We can ship your order to multi destinations and we offer free delivery to San Clemente, Camp Pendleton, All San Diego county and beyond.


Please be advised that most of this services require minimums of 72 or more pieces per design. Some of this services require blanks, labels, patches, stickers, stationary, etc. purchased from Psylo Graphics and some of this services need to be combined with screen printing services.