At Psylo Graphics everyone is passionate about graphic arts and illustration. If there’s something that puts us ahead of your regular print shop is our art department who can really improve your graphics or create cutting edge images for any of your needs. From logos & lettering to detailed illustrations or a whole graphic development for a website or clothing line. Please ask any of our graphic artists for consulting or help you create your next set of graphics. Our graphic design rates start at $45 per hour…


Alterations And Refinement:
From $45

Send us your ideas, doodles, old pictures, low res internet images, t-shirts printed somewhere else, etc. and we’ll make your graphics look sharp and ready for high quality screen printing.

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Logos And Lettering:
From $180

A good logo is the most powerful marketing tool and this power lies in its visual nature. Let us design the right logo for  your project and reflect your great taste and personality.

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Illustration And Compositing:
From $270

We can create original illustrations for your shirts or poster collections, as well as create attractive digital compositions for your website and videos.

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