American Blanks

American Blanks

Psylo Graphics proudly offers several brands and styles of apparel 100% made in the USA. Quality brands like US Blanks, Bella+Canvas, American Apparel, Next Level , Alternative and Econscious include several US made styles in their catalog that are still affordable and your purchase will help the economy of the nation. Please ask any of our representatives to help you choose the right US blank for you!



Next Level America: Freedom To Choose Your Next Level Apparel Favorites Made In The USA.


Next Level Apparel is committed to the highest standards in every aspect of our business. Each member of our dynamic team is dedicated to delivering a superior customer service experience. Next Level Apparel follows all of the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) testing standards. Their WRAP certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) factories are committed to the highest ethical standards of conduct and best quality practices. At Next Level Apparel they respect the rights of each individual and care for the environment. In addition to being sweat shop free and child labor free, we take social responsibility to the next level in everything they do.





Bella+Canvas: Airlume Jersey | No Sweatshops | Wrap Certified | Retail Quality


BELLA+CANVAS is committed to maintaining and upholding responsible workplace and environmental standards. All US production and office facilities have received Platinum accreditation from WRAP. They only work with partners who share our values of a humane and safe workplace and are in the process of getting all our international facilities WRAP certified as well.





Alternative Apparel: Organic Cotton | Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester | Low-Impact Dyes | Eco-Friendly Packaging


Alternative ensures fair, safe & clean workplace conditions on a global scale. They’re also joining the Fashion Revolution, because clothes shouldn’t come at the expense of our planet or people. They use oxo-biodegradable mailer bags & have implemented a vendor recycling program. A majority of their factories are also WRAP-certified, and all of them adhere to Fair Labor Association guidelines & workplace code of conduct. Their garments are crafted with sustainable materials & processes, including organic & recycled materials, low-impact dyes & water-conserving washes.


Alternative Apparel CATALOG 2019


American Apparel: Ethically Made | Sweatshop Free


American Apparel has recently been purchased by Canadian brand Gildan Activewear SRL, and they are re-launching it with a combination of Made-in-USA plus imported styles. Style names that end with a “W” are imported through Gildan’s overseas production network. Style names that do not end with a “W” are still Made in the USA, and include 2001, 2007, 2102, F497, BB401, BB453, TR401, 2456, 2408, and 2201.

Gildan’s intention is to maintain the same high level of quality that the American Apparel brand was built on in both US and imported product. A spokesperson for Gildan explains that Gildan has “committed to maintaining a Made in the USA collection of key American Apparel styles,” and has secured contract manufacturers in southern California to produce the fabrics and garments.


American Apparel CATALOG 2019


Econscious: Sustainable Apparel And Accessories


The offices of econscious were established in July, 2006 in Sonoma County, California wine country. Their location houses a design department for private label accounts, providing trend research and full package artwork from concept to production. The Petaluma office also employs a team of product developers and production managers that oversee dozens of private label customer accounts. A full warehouse brings in goods from the port of Oakland, and ships globally.

Located in the kinetic, bustling Los Angeles, California their USA factory is well versed in the storied art of making a great tee.  Joining forces with the introduction of their first domestically made style, the USA Organic Made Tee in 2019!  The launch of the USA Made Organic Tee helped us realize a long standing goal of bringing more manufacturing closer to home.

Styles produced here: USA Made Organic Tee EC1007

Econscious CATALOG 2019


US Blanks: American Made | The Heart Of The Domestic Apparel Manufacturing Industry


US Blanks believes that American Made is better – better quality, better for our people and economy, better turn times and better control. As an American manufacturer, they treat their workers fair and pay decent living wages – offering benefits and 401K options to ALL their employees. Made in the USA isn’t a marketing angle for them – it is the foundation of the company.  US Blanks has always been ‘Made in the USA’. The entire collection is made in USA. Even their fabrics are all knitted and dyed in LA.

Many studies show that the average T-shirt travels over 15,000 miles from its raw material stage, through the supply chain, and finally to the back of an average US consumer. By sourcing and producing locally they immediately reduce the environmental impact in every product they produce compared to their competitors that import garments and materials from all around the globe. Their fabrics travel less than 5 miles from their knitting mill. At US Blanks, their entire collection is designed and crafted in America. From concept and development to fabric production at their textile mill, and in-house garment cut and sew. They produce our fabrics locally through our partner knit and dye facility, currently the largest textile mill in the USA, outputting millions of yards of fabric weekly.