Woven Thread Services: We can design your graphics, digitize them, woven and embroider them.



We can design your art and digitize it or program it into an embroidery computer file and then stitch using the latest software and computerized embroidery machines. Pricing is determined by the number of stitches in a design, and the quantity of items being stitched, plus the number of locations on each item. The amount of colors shouldn’t increase pricing unless there are more than four. Minimums for embroidery orders are 72 pieces per design and they require blanks purchased from Psylo Graphics.



We can design and manufacture different types of patches as well as sew them onto your garments. They’re a great option for hats and they can also be sewn or heat pressed onto most type of materials. We offer Custom Embroidered Patches, Custom Woven Patches, Custom Photo Patches, Custom PVC Patches and Custom Bullion Patches. Pricing is determined by size, quantities, type of patches, backing, amount of colors, etc. Minimums for patch orders are 72 pieces per design.


Woven Labels:

We can also design your woven labels, manufacture and sew them onto your garments. We offer two types of woven labels… Broadloom: The most common loom manufacturing woven label and the advantage of this type of woven label is a high rate of production, making for a cheaper label and the ability of using up to 12 colors. In general, these labels are thicker than the neddle loom labels due to the use of heavier yarns used in the weaving process. They also have a hot slit edge. Needle Loom and Conventional Looms: There are very few conventional looms still running. Those left are mostly narrow widths. Needle looms are made with finer yarns and are thinner and less bulky than broad looms and the knitted edges are smoother and less irritating. The disadvantage is the cost. Needle loom labels can cost 10% more than a broadloom label. There are four different types of weaves available: Taffeta, Satin, Twill and Damask. Pricing is determined by the size of the label and number of stitches and colors in a design. Minimums for woven label orders are 72 pieces per design.


Please be advised that most of this services require minimums of 72 or more pieces per design. Most of this services require blanks purchased from Psylo Graphics and some of this services need to be combined with screen printing services.


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