1. Purchase Orders:

    Every single job request must be presented as a purchase order in written manner with detailed information about the client’s requests and specifications. Every purchase order will be billed individually according to the amount of items and specifications presented in it. Pricing will not be combined with other POs. If you can’t or don’t know how to provide a formal purchase order sheet we can accept a company email with all the information required.

  2. Art and Preparatory Materials:

    Final print ready art files must be uploaded or provided in one of the following formats: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, EPS, TIFF or PDF in high resolution and actual print size. Print ready artwork will not incur any additional fees. If further art work is necessary, art time will be billed at the current rate. Artwork must be submitted with the corresponding purchase order. Art files should be named in correlation with the job name and PO. Unless speciefied otherwise in written manner, Psylo Graphics will print art files as they are received, we will assume that all images have been sized for final print dimensions.In case the client doesn’t have a tech pack we will provide one mock up on our own template in PDF format free of charge for every order. Additional mock ups on our template are available upon request and will be billed at the current rate. In certain cases approval of mock ups on our template are required regardless of how detailed client provided mock ups may be, including reorders, and must be approved by e-mail. Psylo Graphics will not be held responsible for any misspellings, grammatical errors, or any other design flaw.

  3. Copyrights:

    The client warrants that the subject matter to be printed is not copyrighted by a third party. The client also recognizes that because subject matter does not have to bear a copyright notice in order to be protected by copyright law, absence of such notice does not necessarily assure a right to reproduce. The client further warrants that no copyright notice has been removed from any material used in preparing the subject matter for reproduction. To support these warranties, the client agrees to indemnify and hold Psylo Graphics harmless for all liability, damages, and attorney fees that may be incurred in any legal action connected with copyright infringement involving the work produced or provided.

  4. Graphic Design Services:

    We recommend customers to come with their own art or work with a graphic designer on their own time to develop the art for their project, in order to ensure that your tees are printed in a timely fashion. However, if this is not an option, we offer graphic design services at $50/hour, billed in half hour increments. Before beginning any graphic design work, the client and the designer will clearly lay out exactly what work is to be done, and how the end product will look. Please note that there is a great deal of “behind the scenes” graphic design work that is time consuming but may not be evident until the final product is printed, such as color separations, and redrawing certain elements to make them print ready at high resolutions, and these are considered when the designer gives an estimate for how long a project will take.Once the estimate for graphic design work has been approved by the client, and terms agreed upon, the designer will begin working. The graphic design department can only do the work that you ask for, so please be explicit about the end product you have in mind, and when presented with works in progress, please state clearly what you like, and what needs to be changed (and how). With each project, the client will be allowed two revisions (minor quick fixes, such as “move this text slightly” may not count towards these, at the designer’s discretion).We have a limited amount of time to spend on creating customer art since we need to focus on printing. In some instances we may have to reject requests for graphic design work or free color separation when our workload does not permit.

  5. Set Up Fees:

    Every order under 500 pieces per design requires set up fees charges. Full set up fees for standard size prints (Up to 17”x 17” or 289 Sq In) are $30 per color and include: 1- Color Separation ($0.00 / Some complicated multicolor designs, not print ready art files or time sensitive jobs will not qualify for free color separation and art time will be billed at the current rate), 2- Film Prints ($10.00 / One time fee) , 3-Screen shooting ($10.00), 4- Ink Mix and Registration ($10.00). You’re welcome to provide or bring your own films or screens to void some of these fees. We can only accept films that are not tiled, printed with solid black ink and printed on clear film (no vellum). We can only accept screens that fit in our press in good conditions and shot properly. Errors on films or screens provided by client will result in extra set up fees and press time charges. All film charges are one time only charge unless artwork changes on subsequent print runs. Screen charges are charged with each order or re-order as we do not catalog screens.Jumbo size set ups (Up to 22”x 26”) are $50 per color and giant “all over” prints (Up to 52”x 34”) are $150 per color.Psylo Graphics will do it’s best to save you materials and set up fees by fitting more than 1 graphic per screen whenever it’s possible without affecting our production standards and capabilities.

  6. Estimates:

    We strongly recommend that the client always requests an estimate before placing an order to make sure they know what we’ll charge for the job . Estimates expire in 30 days. Estimates are subject to change upon review of submitted artwork. Prices may be revised at the time of invoice based on actual prints. Different factors might change the pricing provided on previous runs of the same design so the client should never set prices based on previous orders, invoices or quotes.

  7. Best Print Method:

    We will always choose what we think is the best print method for your job unless you specify otherwise.

  8. Garment Selection and Subjectivity:

    We can provide blanks or the client can bring or mail they’re own. We expect our customers to do the research on garments before placing an order with us. If garment selection is sensitive, we strongly encourage ordering samples of the garments before placing an order. When the final order is received, we cannot guarantee that the customer will like the garments they chose. We do guarantee print quality at all times. We also will open our showroom to show customers samples of what we have in the showroom to aid the decision, but we cannot guarantee that every garment is in the showroom. Subjectivity, or whether or not the customer likes the garment they chose is the responsibility of the customer and not Psylo Graphics’. The customer is responsible for knowing the terms of the company whose garments they chose to purchase.

  9. Customer Supplied Garments:

    We require screen printing clients to provide us with a detailed list of garments including manufacturer, style number, color, size, and quantities of each to be printed prior to order confirmation. We may be unable or refuse to print on certain garments based on garment content.

  10. Fleece And Other Garments:

    There is a standard charge of $0.10 extra per print location on fleece, sweat pants, baby garments and many other printables that require special pallets or more difficult, delicate and time consuming treatment and handling. Please inform us of the color number on ALL FLEECE GARMENTS if your design is over 8 colors. Some artwork is not suitable to be printed on fleece garments and this must be taken into consideration at time of order. Psylo Graphics reserves the right to refuse to print on certain fleece and other garments.

  11. Manufacturer Defects:

    Psylo Graphics is not responsible for mistakes or defects on behalf of the customer, manufacturer or distributor: miscounts, mislabeled sizes, inconsistent coloring, dye lots, manufacturer garment defects, etc. All garments will be counted in bulk (dozens, or however they are packaged by the manufacturer). We cannot inspect each garment or count them in individually. Manufacturer and distributor defects or mis-shipments will delay production until all garments are received. It is highly recommended to order more garments than needed for each size. All additional garments will be included in the print run and we will bill for what is printed.

  12. Out of Stocks:

    It is unfortunate, but sometimes our vendors will run out of particular styles or colors. If this happens we can offer a variety of possible substitute products from other vendors, or you can choose to wait until the items are back in stock. If you choose to wait for the inventory to be replenished then we cannot guarantee the turnaround time or that the items will be back in stock when the vendor says they will. If you choose a substitute garment then we should be able to stick to our typical turnaround time unless those garments are out-of-stock as well. This also applies to certain types of ink and other decoration, labeling or packaging materials.

  13. Minimum Order:

    Minimum order on all contract work is $150 per PO – please note this will generally kick in on smaller one color orders and will be charged at the minimum job rate of $150

  14. Proofs and Samples:

    Sample requests must come as a purchase order with a PO number and date. Sample fees or press time fees are $100 per run (Up to 3 hits / each additional hit is $50 extra). Press time fees are always added up to full set up fees and are subject to standard turn time. A sample run includes up to 6 complete pieces at no extra charge, if more pieces are requested as samples please refer to our current price list (*6-23 piece column). This sample fees will be billed separately from the larger full production run and will be credited back to the customer if any of the following conditions are met…

    – An order of 500 pieces or more is placed in a maximum of 30 days after the sample has been provided.

    – An order of 1000 pieces or more is placed in a maximum of 60 days after the sample has been provided.

    – Multiple orders of at least 144 pieces each and totaling 750 or more are placed in a maximum of 90 days after the sample has been provided. We can send any blank samples of most garments, along with previously printed samples, for far less than a custom made printed sample. Essentially, the quality of our work speaks for itself, and how we will gladly send examples of our print work. Additionally our mock-ups are very meticulous and we are well educated with how our inks work with most garments.We do not offer in house press checks.

  15. Pantone Color Matching:

    Pantone colors are an industry standard and such we expect provided artwork to call out specific pantone colors. Customers who do not specify a specific Pantone Color are subject to our “eye’ match. Color and pantone matching on textiles is not exact or guaranteed although we typically are able to print colors very close, if not perfectly matched. There may be a reasonable variation in color due to a number of factors. You cannot trust the colors in our mock-up to be 100% true when viewed on a monitor or printed page. Using a current Pantone book is the best way to accurately communicate color with us. If you are sensitive about the print color then please verify against a Pantone swatch. We cannot be held responsible for a color verified against the visual mock-up only. We cannot guarantee pantone color match when printing 4 color process separations. Prints with discharge inks might not be 100% consistent every time and colors may slightly vary from batch to batch. Colors printed with discharge inks might loose intensity or wash out up to 20% without proper care of after many washes and repetitive high temperature tumble dry. If your Pantone color matching needs to be more accurate and persist through time and use we suggest that you use plastisol inks.

  16. Specialty Inks And Applications:

    Specialty inks are $0.25 extra per color, per print location and Include: metal, reflective, shimmers, gels, puff, flocker, glitter, high density, glow in the dark ink and more.Foiling is available and charged out an extra $1.00 application fee to have the foil heat pressed onto the garment. Note that foiling requires 2 screens on press (underbase in foil color and foil adhesive) and will incur the screen charges applicable, the two screens also count toward the number of colors printed on the pricing matrix. Foil is a specialty application and we do not guarantee the foil against tarnishing or coming off after repeated washings. This process is also time consuming and will affect production turnarounds .

  17. Jumbo Prints And Giant “All Over” Prints:

    Jumbo prints over 17” x 17” or 289 Sq In are subject to an extra $0.15 charge per hit. Prints that are larger than 22” x 26” require a giant screen and are considered “All Over Prints”. This prints are done manually (one color at the time), they are very time consuming and require a lot of ink and materials. Giant prints are $3.00 per hit (For all quantities) and the following limitations apply:1. Butt registration of artwork is not guaranteed and will be quite off since we have to do 1 color at the time. All over artwork typically works best when it is a smaller line art of repeating patterns and distressed graphics. Large areas of solid color may have an ink deposit build up on them over a run if that part of the design is over a seam of the garment.2. All over printing will not be done with an underbase and will be with waterbase inks standard. As such expect that colors may be more muted than a standard plastisol print.3. Turnarounds for giant all over prints jobs are 3 to 4 weeks or more depending on quantities.We have templates which we can provide for all over prints which show the garment layouts for several popular blank styles in order to help with artwork layout. We also have more information available on all over printing which we can share with you at your request.

  18. Non Standard Print Locations:

    Print locations that require special pallets, time consuming handling, inside out garment flip, over the seam prints, over a pocket and or any other location other than traditional placements are subject to additional fees starting at $0.15 per hit.

  19. Turnaround Time:

    Typical turnaround time is 10 to 15 working days from the time reference samples (if available), final art files, approved mock-ups, films, screens and blanks (if provided by client) are in our possession. Some services like relabel will add to our typical turnaround. Rush charges may apply for orders needed sooner than our typical turnaround.Turn time on larger orders (1500 pieces or more than 5 designs) may require longer time to produce. Please inquire about our current turn time on larger orders.

  20. Deadlines:

    All orders with a specific deadline must receive written confirmation from Psylo Graphics. Requesting a deadline does not make it effective, as scheduling often needs to be confirmed with our production manager.

  21. Drop Dead Dates:

    We define a drop-dead date as the day that the order needs to be completed and ready for shipping (as opposed to an “in-hands-date”, the date when the client needs the order in their hands).We will not commit to a drop dead date until we’ve gotten order confirmation from the client. It is the client’s responsibility to inform us of their garment selection, quantities and any other special request. We also need to know the desired completion date upon confirmation, at which time we actually apply the drop-dead-date to the job.We cannot guarantee a place on the schedule without having complete info and a confirmed order up front (Believe us – we’ve learned from experience). If we do offer a place on the schedule in anticipation of a confirmed order, then we will hold that slot for 48 hours before putting a different job in its place.

  22. Rush Orders:

    We understand that there are occasions when orders are needed sooner than 10 business days and we strive to fulfill those orders. If an order is being shipped, then the rush charges apply to our production time only. The amount of time it takes the carrier to get the order to you is not guaranteed by Psylo Graphics. We cannot guarantee that we will accommodate all rush orders. Orders that need quicker turn around are subject to a 5% to 50% charge of total invoice for rush, depending on production turn around needed. Rush orders require payment in full to begin printing.

  23. Shipping:

    Shipping is not included in estimates unless specified. Shipping time is not included in turnaround time. Once the shipment is handed over to the carrier, we cannot guarantee timeliness or exact delivery dates. We do ship internationally to some countries. If you need an order shipped outside of the united states, then we would encourage you to contact us to make sure we service that country. Otherwise, you would need to use a shipping broker or freight forwarder like World Class Shipping in order to handle the complexities of international shipping.Customers are responsible for all shipping charges FOB Psylo Graphics. Psylo Graphics gets reduced shipping rates and we pass these rates along to our contract costumers. Third party shipping on your UPS account is also available. Your orders may be shipped directly to your costumer using ‘blind’ shipping and it will appear as if the packages arrived from your location.

  24. Overruns and Under-runs:

    Overruns or under runs not to exceed 3% on quantities ordered shall constitute acceptable delivery. Psylo Graphics will bill for actual quantity printed. In other words, we may print too many shirts (extremely rare) or we may botch a few and deliver a few less than ordered. This is the nature of the printing industry. If you REQUIRE exact quantities, then please have a conversation with us about it. We’ll likely need to charge an “exact quantity fee” in order to insure this, meaning that we’d order more than we need in case there is a misprint. We will return the unprinted garments and pay the restocking fee.

  25. Mistakes and Misprints:

    In the event that we make a terrible error in printing your shirts, then we will reprint the order for you at no additional cost and cover the cost of the blanks. We do not offer refunds. This rarely happens and really only applies to serious mistakes like printing the wrong art, printing the wrong location, or ordering the wrong color garments.In this (and any printing industry), misprints happen. A screen could come out of registration, we may find a defect in the garment, the garment may come from a bad dye lot and/or not react properly to our inks and applications, etc. There are a million things that could go wrong but we manage to keep misprints and defects well below 3% of all garments printed over the course of a year. This isn’t to say that your order will be guaranteed to have less than 3% misprints, this just happens to be our average. If we misprint a few of your garments then we will NOT charge you for these, and we’ll likely even throw them in with the order at no charge if they are passable. Since misprints can happen, we’d encourage you to order extra garments if you need exact quantities due to preorders or team member requests. We try to minimize it, but misprints do happen and we cannot predict when. Work with us and plan ahead.

  26. Returns:

    All returned orders are subject to inspection by Psylo Graphics before credit will be allowed. No goods are returnable unless damaged by Psylo Graphics and prior arrangements need to be made before shipping an order back. All costumers are responsible for inspecting their orders upon delivery; any order that has been delivered for more that 48 hours is not subject to return. Orders are subject to a 3% printing error or two shirts per design per shirt size which ever is greater. All over printing is subject to a 5% printing error rate per total number of impressions printed. Returned printed items will be cut in smaller pieces and used as cleaning rags or as testing material for press set up. Psylo Graphics guarantees that your returned items will never be sold or given away to 3rd parties.

  27. Cancellations:

    Accepted quotations and order are not cancelable unless both parties, including buyer’s agreement to assume a stated amount of termination charges, agree upon all details in writing.