Discharge became very popular in the last 15 years but not every screen shop offers this type of ink due to the difficulties and challenges it represents. At Psylo Graphics we’re experts with discharge inks and we’ve mastered this relatively new technique. Though it is not as environmentally friendly as water based inks, discharge inks offer a unique solution for garment decoration. This ink can be printed as direct discharge, dye discharge or used as an under base for water base or plastisol inks. Discharge generates a softer feel on garments and gives a unique vintage look that customers love. Advantages: Exceptionally soft hand / intense pigment colors / ease of use and breath ability of the ink on fabric / works on most 100% cotton garments. Disadvantages: Prints on dark colored 100% DISCHARGE REACTIVE COTTON fabrics only / does not work on poly or poly blend fabrics / some red, purple, royal blue and lime green garments don’t react properly with discharge inks and we can’t guarantee pantone color match on any of this garment colors / whites might look a little tanned on some garments / might require very high temperatures or double drying for proper curing that might affect some garments / colors might loose intensity or wash out up to 20% without proper care of after many washes and repetitive high temperature tumble dry.